Free Removals Opportunity For Charities

Help your Charity For Free!

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Awesome Advantages For Charities

Free removals for charities is real. We love to help charities to move when they need help. The opportunity of serve charities associations for free is something that brings an awesome spirit of unity with our community.

At Removals 24-7 UK is always a real pleasure to take part of our community helping hands for the  right cause,  and this is how we do it in our company.

At Removals 24-7 UK we do our best to give to our community what belongs back to them. Every month, we have the opportunity to work together, by donate our time, and vans facilities for a charity of our choice to help them move things that are important for them to transport, totally  FREE, no even a penny asked.

How to participate in this program? Well, it is very simple: Fill in our Quotation Box with your Charity name and Registration Number, addresses where you move the stuff from and where these are going to.

Also we need a contact person and number, email address, and a brief explanation of the stuff that need to be move, with date and time estimated. After  you send this request, this will normally take one or two days to be processed and get back to you with an answer to your query.

Why Do We Do This?

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At Removals 24-7 UK ? We, as part of the community in the main cities where we serve like in London, Oxford, Bristol, Wiltshire, and Gloucestershire, we have received so much support from our friends and people whom have decided to be served by us, in the art of moving to their new houses, flats, shops, offices, expositions, etc.

It is time for us to pay our debt back to the public, by giving our time time, resources, and good will to our people, this is why!

You do not need to work for this charities associations to give us the referral to help them. If you fancy any specific charity in your neighbourhood, please follow the instructions and give us the opportunity to be part of their development, we love this idea.

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