Free Removal Insurance Up To £30000

What A Peace Of Mind-Insurance Up £30 K!!!

Free Removal Insurance Up To £30000

Free Removal Insurance for all your moves*. Removals 24-7 UK will not only provide an excellent and professional Removal service, but also, it will  handle with extreme care to protect all your valuable goods, and protect your belongings up to!! £30.000

The reason why we can afford to offer you free insurance it’s because we are confident in what we do, and we are just that good, and because Removals 24-7 UK  has Only The Best Guys Working for You

What Does Our Free Removal Insurance Cover?

Removals 24-7 UK We understand that many times when we move house it is a bit scary, and we normally have concern about if any of our precious belongings may brake, loss or get stolen during the move.

Our company always give the opportunity to its customers to choose between prepare their own packages, boxes, or prepare their furniture before been moved.

We offer to help in the careful preparation of wrapping your valuable goods, bubble wrapping  your electronics, and padding your antiques furniture to travel to your new destination.This is one of our Insurance Company conditions to provide cover in case of damage or broken item/s during transport*.

This is only one of the ways Removals 24-7 UK will provide care for your goods while their need to be transport to a new place.

We mean that your goods will be cover for theft, loss and damage caused by our team, in or by an accidents during the transportation and until the goods are delivered into the new location. No matters if the accident is negligence of our part or just it is an accident itself within the time frame of the actual move. No claim will be accepted after the team leave the last delivery location.

As our Company name it says UK in it, our FREE GOOD IN TRANSIT INSURANCE covers, will also reach out to any corner in this country, and it can be extended to cover your belongings to any EU country, Just ask for it*.

Note to all Our Dear Customers: Please, It is customer responsibility to make sure you read all our conditions of our Free Good in Transit Insurance to understand the benefits of it and the conditions to make use of such.


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