Move Packaging Materials

Move Packing Materials

Get your Packaging Materials with us. Removals 24-7  UK can provide you with the moving materials you may need to have a smoothly and stress free move. like boxes, packaging tapes, tape guns, bubble wrap, Strings, blankets and much more, for a very affordable price.

Do you know what you really need for your move?


Very Important To Protect Your Valuables 

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BubbleWrap3download (4)

Wrap It Up Your Whole House!

moving-house brown-kraft-wrapping-paper-500x750mm-40gsm--647-p brown-paper-rolls-and-sheets Paper Packaging

Padding it Up, But Not In The Back

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Box all Your Books, And Important Items, All Sizes

services_packingcrate2  removals_packaging_materials-300x300 Shires-Removals-Packaging-Materials

Make Sure You Tape it Properly, And Securely 

pistol_grip_dispenser_1_1024x1024 packaging3 images (7) Box Of 36 Buff Brown Solvent Packaging Tape Tapes Cardiffimages (5)

Mark It To Recognize It

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Order It In Advance!

At Removals 24-7 UK wants you to make sure  have all  what you need at the time you need to move. Have the right Packing material is very important when you want to protect your valuables, and need to protect your TV set moving from point A to B, bubble wrap and padding material to cushion it to avoid brake it or smash it. Boxes in all different sizes for books, kitchen utensils, toiletry, food, Clothes, and much more.

Please, make your list of the stuff you may need for your move, and give us a ring, or an email with your materials needed, and we will do our best to assist you by telling you things that you may need to make your life easier in packaging your goods properly.

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