8 Tips How to Pack Mirrors?

mirror packagingHow to Pack Mirrors? We show you 8 Tips How to pack mirrors safely when you have to move it. There are many people who struggle with packaging articles at their home when they need to prepare to move to a new house. Specially when you think of all the things you need to prepare, at the same time.

Tips for packing are very useful when getting ready for a move. Sometimes it is best to spend some money to save money to avoid potential damage later on. One of the most difficult thing  is how to pack mirrors. Not only are they delicate but if it breaks there is always the seven year bad luck superstition hanging over one’s head.

1.  Marks the Corners

It is very important to take some masking tape and put several pieces in an X shape across the front of the mirror. The idea is to link both frame and mirror together, this will protect it from shattering if drop,  and  also could protect the frame if, unfortunately mirror breaks,  and have to replace the mirrored glass. Click here for more tips..

2. Mind The Corners

Some mirrors does not have ornate frames,  simply has four ninety degree corners, if this the case, it is best to cut  four pieces of cardboard to fit those corners and protect them. They can act as a bit of cushion in case of fallen. Most of the time you can also find these cardboard corners fittings in Staples, frame shops, or photo studio store to purchase them, if your wallet allows that.

3. Wrap It Wisely

 Cardboard is very important in the art of packaging. Cut two pieces of cardboard to fit around an inch over the front and back of the mirror. Use a couple of old towels or sheets, and gently make sure the mirror and the cardboard in them are properly wrapped. This can secure the whole linens and pieces of cardboard with some wrap around of packing tape. This process can be compared when Bubble wrap is used do the same job. Again all these packing materials can be found at Staples, your local post office, or any Storages place front desk.

4. Styrofoam

Styrofoam soft surface is great for packing mirrors. After follow the initial steps, this process can be re-enforce by cutting two pieces of Styrofoam, and do the same as prior with the cut cardboard, and securing them around the towel, cloths or bubble wrap with tape. This will creates an excellent buffer to the mirror.

5. Purchase Your Packing

Many excellent materials can be purchase when packing a mirror. Most of the time are usually much more expensive than  the ones improvised home used items you can find in your cover, and this is up oneself to decide. They often work just as well if not better. Mentioned  already above, Styrofoam and bubble wrap are good buys. But it is also good to know, that a telescoping box is made solely for use when moving a mirror. This item will custom fit any size mirror by opening to the exact width and/or height of the item. Polyethylene foam is an ingenious way to place your mirror in a perfectly fitting space. This foam moulds attach to the mirror on both sides and practically guarantees a safe move.

6. Label-Tag it “FRAGILE”

One of the most common errors when pack a mirror or a delicate item, is to forget to label properly due to exhaustion, time constraints or just plain forgetfulness. This can cause missplace things or even worse can throw all your hard work to the drain by breaking things, specialymirrors and glasses items. Always make sure the mirror is labelled “FRAGILE”, “GLASS”, “MIRROR” or all three. Label on all, including the edges, as this will make it easy to identify during packing, stacking and removing inside the moving truck. Including the location where of the mirror was taking from, labelled on the box, it is very helpful as well at the time of unpacking things out.

7. Do Not Lie Down-Always Upwards

Lying your mirror down into a truck, garage or attic, is a “big no no” , this will guaranty to have it break. Mirrors can not take any pressure, not in its top or sides, should always be placed on its side with nothing stacked on top. Be careful not to jam too many items on either side, as soft as they may look, because this can also act as if the mirror were lying down and cause damage to the mirror itself, and to the moulding too. Click here for more tips

8. Tell Everyone About Its Location

It is very common that if people try to perform their own house move, many people will be involve. Make sure everyone knows about where the FRAGILE items are positioned, and the can recognise them to avoid the common “I Didn’t Know-You Should Told Me Before”, and so on..Even allocated a specific place in the house, and in the truck for these items, it is always a great idea.

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